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The Hawaii Softball Foundation was established in 2009 to support the softball community, not only on Oahu but all over the State of Hawaii. The mission of the Foundation is to organize, encourage, and educate individuals and organizations, and financially support the development of the game of softball in Hawaii. The Foundation established a scholarship fund and doing so had our first two recipients in 2011, which used their scholarships to attend university programs on the mainland.  

The Foundation is presently in the process of renovating the old fields at Sand Island Recreation Area. There are 6 six fields in the area and two of fields are ready or near ready for participants. The Foundation has an agreement with the Department of Land and Natural Resources, State of Hawaii to renovate all 6 fields. Presently the renovation of the Sand Island Fields is our major goal and will take a lot support and donations from the community to accomplish those goals. The Foundation has already put in over $75,000.00 of equipment, infrastructures and revitalizing of the first two fields.


Donald Meinel, Chair Committee Chair – Sand Island Fields
Jon Okada, Vice Chair Committee Chair – Website
Merton Ishida, Secretary Committee Chair – CORP Softball Complex
Erin Sakai, Treasurer Committee Chair – Scholarship Selection Committee
John Uekawa, Director Committee Chair – Scholarship Committee
Ken Richardson, Director Committee Chair – Gala Event
Ryan Takata, Director Committee Chair – Special Programs
Stan Mahelona, Director Committee Chair – Community Events